Friday, September 5, 2008

Sawasdee krap. Welcome to Home & Life

Twenty children. Twenty tiny lives.
Twenty terrible stories of death in the tsunami, illness, poverty and families being torn apart.
Twenty opportunities to do something to rebuild those lives.

I would like to introduce you to Home and Life. We are a project in Phang-Nga province, Thailand which was founded by Bhudit ("Root") and his wife Rasa and who now run it as 'father and mother'. They take care of local children who are tsunami victims, orphans, poor children and children who were forced to leave their homes.
The children who came to call it home arrived for many reasons – but they all had one thing in common: a desperate need.

At Home & Life, we look after twenty children. We provide for them and improve their lives.
Our concept is "family" and we live together like a real family. We share a small place, just 1 rai.
The challenges that we meet daily are overshadowed by the love and trust that our beautiful family has in abundance! We care for all aspects of these children's lives and have no doubts that they will grow to each be strong, caring, well rounded individuals.

We are, at present, living on kind donations from various organisations and people. Our expenses are high and sometimes it can be a real struggle to put food on the table every night for 20 hungry little mouths! It is hard to live so precariously on these donations.

We hope you can help us. To continue this project we still need help - such as money to buy our land for the children (we presently pay monthly rent) and the provision of necessary items for the children’s everyday living, such as those on our "The Wish List".

Our aims are to become self sustainable in the future and for the children to have a huge part in making this happen. We have evening classes for the children most nights in English, dance, handicrafts and baking pastries. We hope to begin producing items to sell in the very near future but to do this, we need the funds for materials and tools. We are learning and growing every day and with your support, we can become independent.

If you would like to know more about us, please visit our website or contact us.
We have homestays for volunteers who want to come and meet the children. You could teach a skill or help with one of the ongoing projects. Or you could even drop in for the day and have a cold orange juice and some delicious food at our little shop.
We also accept donations through paypal on our website.

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