Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sweet in our hugs Home&Life “Cookies Jar”

Another project this for their activity and earning .With hope and intending we have taken to our bakery .Many time with many practices we tried and got success about cookie and cups cake .

Always we being to learn more how to do other kinds of bakery which such a lot of interestings we love to learn and adaptation.

Many time with many practices we tried .These cookies were hand-baked with love in our new bakery.

We very happy with our Bakery ‘s house has development that we can grow up with it and skill full of us happening here.

We hope everyone enjoyed the cookies!
Help us make our first step towards self sufficiency.
Thank you so much for your support!!!.

Monday, December 8, 2008

How to launch your Lantern

Using the wire, attach the torch in the centre of the open end of lantern. Make sure all 4 points are secure.

Spread out the lantern and check for holes. A couple of small ones don't matter, it will still fly.

Hold the lantern around the middle and hold a flame to the torch until it lights.

Hold the lantern upright and allow it to fill with hot air from the flame.

As it starts to rise, hold your lantern steady and let go!