Monday, November 24, 2008

Packaging for Lanterns to sell at the local market

We have been thinking of ways to package our lanterns so that we can begin to sell them at our local market, Bang Niang.

The children had a lot of fun thinking of exciting ways.

The best way we found was with recycled paper.

The children loved to show off their own individual ideas for decorating the bags.

They learnt alot about how recycling can help save the earth. It is important to us to teach the children about these things.

Next we will improve our ideas and try some different ways to package.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Home & Life's Handicraft Lantern

Holding our Hope in our Hands

Home & Life's Handicraft Lantern

November 2008. We started thinking this month of something that we could all make and sell to generate income for our family.

After a great deal of experimentation (which was lots of fun!) we decided that we could successfully make this good quality lantern.

It can fly!!! Everyone who watches it is astonished to see it rise up into the sky and it gives us all hope!


We are now very excited as we can all get involved with this new project. Our activities room turns into a small factory for 2 hours every night after school as many hands carefully put together at least 10 lanterns in many colours. We are now looking for sales opportunities and hoping that the orders come in so that our small business can get off of the ground!!!!!

We would love to hear some ideas of how and where to sell our gorgeous lanterns as we want to get small business up and running as soon as possible. The income will help feed, clothe and school our children at Home and Life.

If you are interested in helping us or want to place an order contact us at: “Home & Life” !!!