Monday, December 7, 2009

Comming of Happy Christmas and New Year 2010!!!

Dear Our Member Our Friends ,

Time is come to Christmas and New year celebration again !!!

If you want to send some thing to our children you can do it to our address Home&Life or contact us as e-mail : ...

Or the good option and very helpful for them such a long term by most beneficial.You can choose some item support for children and Home&Life by "Wish List".That would be highness appreciate .!!!

Khoa lak Bang Neang Holiday market "Fun"

The another one Saturday at the holiday market Bang neang Khoa lak .Our home&Life's kids and brother-sister members in the volunteer program of our home family.We went together to sale the bakery and handicraft product by our present to the people around market .With Fun and new experience that our kids and our new members they got such a wonderful time that always in our remember .By the way the best seller still the same person who we call "Loong Albert"