Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Activities Running

Several things happened in Home&Life.We aim that will be running the good things and create usefulness for our kids and also the social around us.

Every Monday ,Wednesday and Friday a week “Thai Dancing and Cultures
skillful by Kate who is second mum in Home&Life .We already have lessons since first of January 2009 and still keep going on.With most interesting that children of us and also children in the village come to participate in this program by good comment with their parent .This not just the kids will get useful purpose which who become to our volunteer they will be in chances.
Every Tuesday a week “English Lessonwith our lovely uncle Loong Ken always come with lovely teacher volunteers. All kids at less 25 very love to learn in happiness and wish will be able understanding and speaking English.
Every Thursday a week they will enjoy with “ Easy Bakery and Cooking with Papa Root” .
Easy learning how to do and touch kind of sweetie bakery and Cooking Thai food applied. In hope just chair them get skillful and how to easy cook with fun.

Every HolidayFunny Art and Excursion tripWith Mum Rasa who will take care their free time. Art ting ,Paint, Card ,Beach, Waterfall, Out door Open eyes etc. Most ideas by vote of them.

Every SaturdayHoliday MarketingAt Bangneang Market we learning of Marking Trade ,Earning , Shopping ,etc. And also solution the reality troubles and practice them self.

For all of activities that happening and organize with our small donation which extra from donors .But we will save and continues for long term also development by sponsor ship which we looking for some one who can support us of those programs by weekly cost is 3,000 THB!!.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sponsor Needed - Water Supply Improvement

In a move towards self-sustainability we need to improve our well to ensure a reliable source of water for the dry season. We are looking for a sponsor to cover the remaining costs of labor and materials. Approximate cost will be 6,500THB / $US 188.
If you are interested in helping us build this well please visit this link to send donations.
We got donation 20 $US donation for now ! Thank you .

Home's "Bakery Hut"

Home & Life's bakery is off to a good start and now every week on Saturday we go to sell our cookies and banana cupcakes.

We also have one more kind of baked item we are selling. It is "Bread Bun" made with whole grains and is perfectly sweet.

Every week we will bring it to the market for sale. Some weeks we have some left over and so we enjoy them ourselves for breakfast on Sunday mornings with milk which is a very good meal and kids Love it such as "Hamburger".

Not only do we bake for the market but we are learning to make pies and cakes and etc. so on.

Eventually we would like to open our "Bakery hut " that can serve the goods made by our bakery and drinks for guest who come. This is a way can we generate income by ourself and save our home. Our aim is to become more self-sufficient.

So we welcome everyone!! to come to our house & our "Bakery hut" with warmth and happiness.