Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Swimming in Summer

Home & Life is situated close to the waterand our children here love to swim!

We are asking for help to pay for the children to take swimming lesson so we can insure their safety while they play and swim!

There are currently 26 children here and cost of each child to attend the lesson is 2000 THB each, which also includes costumes and trasportation to and from the swimming class.

We would appreciate any donations. You are willing to offer to help us further improve the children's happiness and well being

Thank you for Reading

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chainese New Years 2011

The present Chinese New years,

This day we are cerebrate and have a ceremony to respect to our grand parents. to apologies and ask for blessing. and wearing red shirt, believing it's will bring them luck for whole year round. the older will prepare Aung-Pao (Red envelope) which will fill with some pocket money as a present for new year.

Thank you Loong Albert for a lovely Aung-Pao, we'll very lucky this year :).