Friday, April 2, 2010

The King Grass

Good Result with agriculture (Long Eggplant)

After 2 month we did starting plant Eggplant .Now it good enough for kitchen and children very like it.We cooked it with oil deep fried then eat with chili paste and hot steam rice ...Yam mi..
We have plan to bring it to sale to local market this month .And present them that this is the proud product by organic / with out chemical from our garden ,our Home&Life ..

Funny Games with the Volunteer April 2010

Thank you so much for Chicken 5 Baht games(Kai yang Tok Phoa)....
So hospitality with us together ... Thank you P' Aimee ,P'Lucy,P'Rachale with the memory.
Kids and staffs of Home&Life family .

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 2010 Education Summer Trip Home&Life foundation

Exclusion Trip budget Plan.
1. Gasoline.
- Traveling with 2 Truck 1000.00THB within 14Days
Total: 28000.00THB

2. Extra for accommodate at Kho Pi Tak Island for 2 nights
Total: 2000.00THB

3. Foods and beverages.
- 12 children.
- 90THB/day for food , beverages and snacks.
- In 14 days.
Total: 15120.00THB

4. Tickets.
Estimate costs for all include tickets during the trip such as Zoo, National park, etc
Total: 10000.00THB (Estimate)

5. Insurance for all kids in the 14 trip days
- 50-100 THB for one person (the accident insurance )
Total: 1200 THB