Friday, March 20, 2009

Next Step of Home&Life's Lantern

With Think and Try to made a trade and development our lantern .One idea is how to make it to small package may be in box but still ability .We can success now for fold and assembly easy!!
As soon as possible if we have some capital and get more trial to be firm of fold and biodegradable lantern.We wish to open the trade again with most benefit for Home&Life and our kids .In hope with the people will interesting and help to buy our lantern for celebration. Also we would help the poor people who need to get the job to do and get earn for they family as much as we can help the social too.We so much Happy!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Save The Nature with our hands

One kind of Volunteering program in Home&Life .With teach course of made skillful for children .Not just Home&Life's kids but also village's kids that they would interesting . To attract the kids for learn and participate with our smart teacher volunteer .Some kinds of drama ,music ,dance and games.Now all children they can separate of mixed garbage .They know what kind can be recycling and make compost with classify organic,garbage,can ,glass,plastic,paper, etc as much as they can do by best which will belong to they responsibility for home social and world in understanding of the reason and result. Start at our home Home&life .